Engineering Design for Social Development, Fall 2011

This semester I am co-teaching a new course with Aditya Johri (Engineering Education) and Akshay Sharma (Industrial Design).


Technologies such as wind and solar power, the Internet, and mobile phones are already playing a major role in developing countries with significant potential for positive impact on human lives. What might be the impact if that technology was specifically designed for users in these countries? The objective of our class is to answer this question.

The course will bring together students from various disciplines who are interested in developing new technological products, computational devices, and applications for people in Africa and Asia. Students will learn how to approach design from a social perspective and how to apply engineering knowledge in interdisciplinary design contexts for "human welfare." Student teams consisting of engineering and industrial design students will work together to conceptualize and produce innovative products.

A grant from Virginia Tech's Office of International Research, Education, and Development (OIRED) partially supports this course.